What does 1 oz Mom mean? It’s from the Spanish proverb, “An Ounce of Mother is worth a ton of priest.”

I’m a Woman, Wife, Mother of 7, Friend, Writer, Homeschooler, Pilgrim, and on any given day those titles are backwards, forwards and any which way inbetween.

We homeschool in the Charlotte Mason style, walking towards Unschool, and this blog is to journal the journey and share.

An aside-I am a Christian of over 30 years, acsribe to no denomination, and I prefer a more secular approach to my blogging and schooling. I can speak Christianese, but won’t. I teach my children our beliefs though my life, my choices and my mistakes. I live my life transparent before them because I want them to know that perfection is NOT the goal, relationship is.

If you really, really need a label, I’m an INFJ.

The header art is mine and mine alone. Please contact me for use.


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