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Hello Again

It’s not you, it’s me. 🙂 When I get into percolating mode I hunker down and get caught in what can be an endless loop of research, absorb, refine, repeat. Sorry I’ve ignored the blog. I started out  best of intentions of sharing my spiritual and homeschooling journeys, with hopes of meeting others who are journeying also.

It started out with a simple Google search (like all good things do, no?) Something like, “Home church, Emerging Church, Lakeland Outpouring”. I wanted to see what the homechurchers were thinking about it. I won’t even link to the blogs that came up bceause there was some mightly distilled vitrol with a double shot of judgement being spewed.

But then I found Zoecarnate where they are discussing, along with the Lakeland Outpouring, things like the space between Emerging Church and Charismatic Church.

My Mom discovered Jesus in a Charismatic church in the mid 70’s. I was about three. We ended up in Pentecostal churches, but inbetween flirted with Lutheran and for a while I had a deep affinity for the reverence of the Presbeterians. There’s still a part of me that loves all the trappings and there is a huge momement in NYC being quietly led by a Presbyterian Priest. People are finding Christ through him. My husband had an encounter with Jesus in the Catholic Church, so there is a deep love for the Catholics, too. He told me of a story where a tiny Catholic woman prayed for a group he was with and how a mist filled the chapel and swirled in a cloud on the ceiling-something he’s never seen since, even through all of our Penecostal days.

Even though I loved them all I wanted more, and left for what I would learn was the Homechurch movement. I disagreed with the doctrines, but I loved my times with the people. Looking back after 7 years, (yes, I’m sure I’m romanticizing a bit), I was devastated when I left my last church those scars still smart sometimes, but there’s a covering of love for the people who made up the institutions.

Back to Zoecarnate-I read and surfed and read some more until my head exploded with NAMES and Doctrines and after having another cup of coffee and four advil remembered why I hate The Name Thing. Which, is not a part of the discussion but further pondering as to my comment and worrying if I had misnamed and who I would accidentally offend because of it. 

I have to say, I really agreed with what John said, even though his vids made me smirk and shake my head. All in all I was elated there is a DISCUSSION going on, not WWF smackdowns like I saw on some other blogs.

You see, I love all of it. I take a bite of this cake, and then move onto that pastry and then the cannoli’s becuase who can resisit a good cannoli? The beautiful part of that is that I get spiritually fat. 🙂 It just when you have to define yourelf, to draw that box around who you percieve yourself to be in the knowledge of which doctrine you agree with most, you may be leaving off some of the most important aspects of who you are. All of which is nothing. Just a pilgrim, trying to walk. 

I have to admit though, that I have been trying to reconcile (outside of myself) two ideas which some don’t want to reconcile, but today, after reading that post (and the coffee and advil) I realized that they are reconciled within me becuase Jesus reconciles both of them to him. (ha! how’s that for overuse of a word!)

All in all, I’m content now knowing that others have the same questions and are thinking about them and discussing them in a thoughtful open manner.


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